Beacon Atlantic – Wheelhouse and main deck

Beacon Atlantic wheelhouse and main deck. Great progress in the preparation for painting and the installation of the wheelhouse windows.

BA-View from Helideck (005)


Mating of Beacon Atlantic 29.11.2015

The mating of Beacon Atlantic was successfully done 29.11.2015.


DSC_7415 DSC_7329

Beacon Atlantic Lower Hull is floating free


Beacon Atlantic Lower Hull is floating free










The Beacon Atlantic lower hull was successfully floated off the barge 22.10.2015.

Launching of the Beacon Atlantic hull – 12.10.15

Today marked the successful launching of the Beacon Atlantic hull. The hull was launched on schedule and will be ready for the mating with the deck box in November. Congratulations to both project teams for achieving this very important milestone.


Project lower hull lifted successfully

Last hull block for Beacon Atlantic lifted into position on 2 June 2015 according to schedule



Progress deck section

BA overview of erection siteBA view of portside pontoon

Steel Cutting Beacon Atlantic

Steel Cutting of Beacon Atlantic took place at the CIMC Yantai Raffles yard on 17 June 2014 according to plan.2014-06-17 22.40.19 2014-06-17 22.53.12-1 2014-06-17 22.55.07

Project had Effective Date on the 31st December 2013

Project Kick Off meetings were held in January 2014 and the first batch of drawings are being prepared for DnV approval. All major long lead items have been ordered by the shipyard.