Equinor recently invited offshore rig owners, rig designers and other industry professionals to participate in a concept study for the development of their rig for the future.
NSR has been a leading company for the last 15 years when it comes to the design, development and construction of harsh environment Norwegian compliant drilling rigs. NSR were therefore delighted to be invited to submit our concepts to Equinor for their consideration. NSR worked hard together with our partners to ensure our expertise and experience were included in developing the ideal concepts for the rig for the future.
The rig concept is based on the latest available technology which include robotics (fewer personnel on board), automation, and high-tech digitalization.  Our new rig concept is designed to have 50% lower operating costs than current rigs (costs efficiency) and reduced emissions for the offshore drilling operations. It will achieve this by consuming less fuel, increased efficiency and requiring a much smaller crew. The rig is based on “green technology” (zero emissions to the sea and reduced environmental pollution to air) and the expectation is to reduce the carbon emissions by more than 50% and up to 90% when electrical power grid is available.