Exciting news from North Sea Rigs as the company consider going into the decommissioning marked. The so called ”Single Lift” concept is a concept for removing offshore structures. It´s based on North Sea Rigs long and extended rig and maritime business experience.

The unit itself is a specially designed rig to remove platforms.

Currently the company is in discussions with several yards and companies about possible solutions for the concept.

The oil and gas decommissioning market offers value creation opportunity both on the Norwegian sector and in O&G markets world wide.

At the same time the market is linked to the oil price development and activity in general, which also is a part of North Sea Rigs assessment of opportunities.

The Norwegian business daily Dagens Næringsliv did a story Monday this week. Find it here.

(http://www.dn.no/nyheter/energi/2016/06/26/2045/rigger-opp-for–rive-ned). Requires subscription/payment.